3 Fun Trampoline Games to Play

Fun Trampoline Games to Play

Active play makes up an important part of a child’s development, influencing coordination, strength and even patterns of healthy activity later in life. As many parents and caregivers know, the best active play happens in the great outdoors — or at least in the backyard. A trampoline provides a great way to get kids active and having fun outside.

If you had the chance to jump on a trampoline as a child, you likely remember the sheer joy of bouncing into the air. Kids today love bouncing too, though some may need more focused direction to start having fun. Games and competitions can get kids and adults of all skill levels in on the fun. Whether you’re looking for a way to enjoy your new trampoline or seeking a new activity to keep kids engaged, you’ll love these three fun trampoline games to play with your kids.

1. Monkey in the Middle

Though traditionally played on solid ground, this classic keep-away game becomes even more exciting when it’s played on the trampoline. All you need is a ball or stuffed animal and three or more players.

Pick one player to stand in the middle of the trampoline — this player is the “monkey” for the round. Have the rest of the players stand around them. When the game starts, the players toss the ball or stuffed animal across the trampoline to each other, trying to keep it away from the “monkey” in the middle. When the “monkey” finally catches the ball, the person who threw it last becomes the new “monkey,” and the game repeats.


You may remember HORSE as a popular game with young basketball players. If you have a basketball net for your trampoline, your kids can play the game as normal. Otherwise, you can easily play a variant of HORSE specifically for the trampoline. This game is fun with two or more jumpers.

The rules for this version of HORSE are simple. Players take turns making up tricks and copying each other’s moves. Have players stand on the trampoline and flip a coin or play rock paper scissors to decide who goes first. The first player does a trick on the trampoline — like a flip or special jump — and the other players have to copy them. Players that don’t complete the trick add a letter to their score. The first person to spell HORSE loses.

3. Trampoline Dodgeball

Dodgeball is one of the best trampoline games for older kids because it requires more coordination than the original version. Play with soft foam balls to ensure that everyone stays safe!

Pick one team to jump on the trampoline. Have the rest of the players stand around with a limited number of dodgeballs. As one team bounces, the other takes aim, gaining one point for every jumper hit. Once the balls are thrown, the teams switch places.

Ready to Start Having Fun?

With a little creativity, parents and kids can come up with endless outdoor trampoline games to play. Introducing new games and activities regularly can keep kids engaged and excited to get active.

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